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Reduce fuel cost and consumption


The environment is facing numerous challenges, and one of the major contributors is the excessive use of fossil fuels. Burning gasoline, diesel, and natural gas releases carbon dioxide (CO2) and other pollutants into the atmosphere, leading to global warming and air pollution. To mitigate these issues, it is crucial to save fuel.


Tips to reduce fuel costs:

  • Reduce your idling time.

Turn off your engine when stationary (like at a set of lights) to reduce fuel wastage.

Make sure to monitor and reduce daily idle time.


  • Tyre pressure.

Under-inflated tyres increase your vehicle's drag, increasing fuel consumption, use vehicle checks to monitor pressure.

Every 1% decrease in tyre pressure resulted in a total 0.3% reduction in fuel economy.

20% under-inflation in your tyres will increase fuel consumption by 4%.


  • Driving habits.

Habits like harsh braking and rapid acceleration have a large toll on the amount of petrol consumed.

Make sure to coach drivers with poor habits to save a lot of fuel.


  • Assign the closest driver to the job.

Understanding driver location allows you to keep drivers working in close proximity to their previous and next job.

Use geofencing to keep drivers within a specified zone, so they cover fewer miles and waste less petrol.


  • Lighten the load.

More weight requires more energy used to move the vehicle - so don't overfill your vehicle.

Only fill your vehicle with what is absolutely essential for each trip including fuel, filling only half the tank can reduce the weight of the vehicle by 2.5%.

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