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Environmental Policy

Because we all need to do our bit

Here at Bailey’s Heating Company Ltd. (BHC), we are actively working to reduce the adverse impact of our activities on the environment, the local community, and future generations. We will work to the requirements of all legislation and codes of good practice relating to waste, contamination, noise, pollution, and the environment in general.

Where possible, through our buying policy, products purchased will be from renewable sources. Should there be products available that possess similar qualities to a material used but with less environmental impact, those products will be purchased in preference.

We are committed to minimising the impact of our operations on the environment by undertaking the following measures, wherever possible

  • complying with all environmental legislation
  • promoting recycling and the use of recycled materials
  • reducing the consumption of materials wherever possible
  • offering customers the option of designing energy efficient solutions
  • minimising waste in all operations.
  • working with suppliers to minimise the impact of their operations on the environment through a quality procurement policy
  • involving our employees; always seeking their thoughts, ideas, and feedback
  • reviewing our environmental policy at least once a year or when significant changes to either our operations or legislation occur

Waste reduction

BHC as a company is committed to minimising waste. Where waste may occur, every effort will be made to recycle.

Tree planting

We have committed, in conjunction with the Forest of Marston Vale, to plant a new tree for every new boiler installed by us.

Energy efficient design

BHC firmly believe that by working with the customer, we will be able to produce a tailor-made, energy efficient package suited to their needs.

Office waste

Through careful and efficient office management, the amount of waste created is kept to a minimum. We actively encourage our staff to operate a paperless office whenever possible. We also promote the recycling of office waste.

Cost effective energy conservation

Here at BHC, we realise that energy efficient measures can be achieved through the correct selection of appropriate suppliers, materials, and equipment.

Company vehicles

Where practical, and to reduce the environmental impact of our company vehicles, BHC will use fully electric vehicles. Chargers for these vehicles will be fitted at both our head office and at the engineer’s home.

BHC are dedicated to ensuring our suppliers provide us with materials that have limited environmental impact. We try to achieve these aims in the following ways

  • purchasing goods and services, which can be manufactured, used and disposed of in an environmentally responsible way
  • meeting the standards required by all environmental legislation
  • purchasing of items which can be recycled and re-used
  • purchasing items which can be operated in an energy efficient manner
  • purchasing items which are of the best quality and have replacement parts
  • selecting suppliers who are themselves undertaking measures to make environmental improvements

As can be seen by the aims set out in this policy document, BHC are taking measures to address the environmental uses facing us all. Through a more environmentally aware approach, we can offer our customers an excellent designed solution.

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